Cris Ippolite

Cris is a software consultant, trainer, and business owner.

Cris’ Bio

Cris is a software trainer and founder of iSolutions, a Los Angeles-based consulting firm. Cris also speaks regularly at several technology conferences, including the FileMaker Developer Conference. He also provides all FileMaker video training content for to tens of thousands of trainees worldwide. Cris is also a football statistics junkie whose analytics can be found on

Getting in the Zone

Consultants by nature have to juggle many tasks. You’re managing client needs, you’re defining specifications, estimating project costs, and providing a skilled service. As a business owner you’re juggling operational, financial, legal and human resources issues. Throw in an entrepreneurial mindset and you may find yourself managing several different services or even different businesses that leverage different skill sets.

Effective project management is an important skill in juggling multiple tasks but even more powerful is the ability to switch between tasks in a productive and focused way. In this session, Cris Ippolite, software developer, trainer, and NFL fantasy football analytics writer talks about how he positions himself for success by getting in the right “headspace” for each task.

In this session you will learn:

  1. How to self-identify ways to focus your attention
  2. How to set up an environment optimized for productivity
  3. How setting up a disciplined scheduled ultimately leads to more creativity and impact