Ellen Burton

Ellen Burton is a business lecturer, motivational speaker, and personal and professional coach.

Ellen’s Bio:

Ellen has been called an inspirational leader and a catalyst for change. After 14 award winning years as an Executive Sales Consultant and corporate trainer for international corporations Sanofi-Aventis, Novartis and LifeWatch, Ellen courageously committed full time to her leadership coaching and training company in 2004. Her clients include senior executives, middle managers, physicians, academics and small business owners.

Nationally, Ellen lectures Consultative Sales, Strategic Planning and Analytical Thinking, Effective Teamwork Strategies, Managing Multiple Projects, Business Communication Skills, Women and Leadership, Leadership Skills for Managers and Supervisors, and Coaching and Teambuilding Strategies for Managing the Generations. A sampling of her seminar clientele include: The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, The University of Michigan, The Berklee School of Music, Carnegie Melon University, Wrigley, Intl., Kellogg Inc., US Bank, SC Johnson Inc., and Catholic Charities.

Ellen is an avid golfer, community volunteer and is active in her church, powerfully contributing to the world while happily and gratefully living a life beyond her wildest dreams.

The Power of Goal Setting

Do you have a picture of success? Do you know what it will look like when you arrive? As consultants we help our clients define and achieve goals on a regular basis, yet we rarely take time to do it for ourselves. In this session coach Ellen Burton talks about why it’s so much more exhausting to work hard each day without goals. Not having realistic and measurable goals is like going to the grocery store without a list: you spend more time and money that you’d planned and probably end up at home without the items that you truly want! This coaching process for setting solid goals is a departure from software guided, corporate goal setting some of us have experienced. This is “Process Work” and it’s a way to get clear on your goals and what achieving those goals will look and feel like.

In this session you will learn:

  1. A creative and flexible method for goal setting
  2. Clear direction when it comes to choosing opportunities
  3. The ability to recognize and celebrate your success when you arrive