Jason Mundok

Jason Mundok is a software developer and project management coach.

Jason’s Bio:

Jason is an independent custom software consultant and project management coach. He has been developing solutions for business, education, and non-profit organizations since 2000. During his tenure at an IT consulting firm in Philadelphia, Jason developed an Agile project management methodology customized for small development shops and independent developers. He went on to create a workshop and coaching model that helps other consultants implement the methodology. Additionally, Jason owns and operates a small concert promotion and audio production company and is the co-founder of Elusive Moose, an online resource aimed to help consultants better enjoy their work and the host of Find Your Moose.

How To Enjoy Your Work

To “enjoy your work” is not necessarily to experience blissful pleasure every minute of every day. Instead, it’s about experiencing a full spectrum of emotions that challenge you to you grow as a person and professional so you can build a fulfilling career. Through his own personal journey as a custom software consultant, Jason has identified three dimensions that must be considered as you move toward work that is truly enjoyable: the type of work you do, where you do that work, and the culture that surrounds it.

As consultants and small business owners, you have a lot of flexibility and control over your work with plenty of options. You shouldn’t be doing work that you don’t enjoy! Jason will explore each of these three dimensions through personal stories, experiences from his own career, and suggestions on how you can identify the best ways for you to align with each.

In this session you will learn:

  1. The three dimensions to consider as you develop and grow your career
  2. How aligning with these dimensions can position you for long-term success
  3. How to use your discoveries to ensure that you’ll be enjoy your work