Jeffrey Scornavacca

Jeffrey Scornavacca is a business owner, project manager, and software consultant.

Jeffrey’s Bio:

Jeffrey Scornavacca heads all consulting services for Silver Lake Productions, Inc. Jeff is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, a Certified Scrum Master, and a Certified FileMaker Developer.

Jeff started developing databases in 1992 while on tour with George Benson and John Hiatt as tour manager. Jeff found the tools available at that time to be inadequate to handle the needs of his clients and developed his own tools to handle and streamline tasks. After developing customized solutions for a number of clients, Jeff later joined HomePortfolio, a $70M venture-backed company, as Chief Data Architect and later became Chief Information Officer. At HomePortfolio, Jeff saw the company’s data assets though multiple iterations, including an Oracle integration.

A proven business consultant, project manager, data architect and business analyst, Jeff co-founded Silver Lake Productions, Inc. and has engaged a number of companies including Depuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson, General Dynamics, Reebok International, Real Networks, AMi Entertainment, HomePortfolio, Metropolitan Entertainment, Tufts University, Middlebury College, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inotek Pharmaceuticals and others.

Jeff has a BA in Audio Recording from Berklee College of Music, an MBA from Suffolk University and is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.

Lessons from Our 10 Years at Johnson & Johnson

Opportunity knocks and you have the chance to take on a big client. You meet this with a feeling of excitement (big client!) and terror (big company!). Navigating these waters can be a challenge for the most seasoned consultant. The good news is that there’s a real opportunity here if you spend some time investing in your softer skills.

Silver Lake Productions’ experiences over the past 10 years at Johnson & Johnson will give you some tools for when the moment arrives.

In this session you will learn:

  1. Why you need to believe in what you do. Everyone has their own path to develop confidence. Do believe the thing you are billing for is worth it?
  2. Why you need more patience than you think. There are lots of cooks in the kitchen at big companies, each one with their own checklist. Master the checklists and provide additional value to your client.
  3. How to sell your project/story to the client. Many times our process starts in the middle of the organization and we never actually pitch to the true economic buyer. You need to create a story to help your client convince the boss. It’s not about technology at all, it’s about value creation.
  4. How to find out what your client really values. Spoiler alert: you ask them and sell that; not the deliverables.