Kathleen McDonald

Kathleen McDonald is a certified financial planner.

Kathleen’s Bio:

Kathleen is a Certified Financial Planner with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. She works with individuals and businesses to identify where they are financially, where they want to go, and the path to take them there. Having a well-articulated plan that is in alignment with important goals is the key to more success and less anxiety in the process. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and specializes in helping her clients move forward in areas that are often the “can that is getting kicked down the road”. The consummate multitasker, Kathleen also owns a house and 6 rental cottages in South Haven, MI with her husband of 30 years, Joe. She has three grown children.

Financial Planning for The Business Owner

As a business owner, you wear multiple financial hats. You run your business, which includes everything from balancing income and expenses to risk management, employee benefits, and perhaps attracting and retaining great employees.

But how much time do you spend focusing on your personal financial situation?  We are often so busy running the business, we lose site of our own personal financial goals. By implementing a structure that supports a strong plan, that includes realistic goals and strategies to assess progress, you will be on your way to feeling like you are “taking care of business”.

In this session you will learn:

  1. What key areas you need to focus on including retirement, tax, estate, insurance and investment planning.
  2. How to define realistic financial goals.
  3. How to build the plan, the structure, and team you will need to make progress towards making your business work for you.