Molly Connolly

Molly Connolly is a software developer, trainer, and business coach.

Molly’s Bio:

Molly, owner of Thorsen Consulting, is a Chicago-based technology consultant. Her background is in management consulting and over the last 15 years she has focused on delivering customized database. As a former partner at Soliant Consulting, she managed a team of developers working in a variety of industries including advertising, education, and manufacturing.

In addition to her custom development work, she currently provides advisory and training services to students through her JumpStartFm online training progam and is a founder of Elusive Moose, an on-line resource helping consultants and freelancers create and maintain a healthy work life. Elusive Moose is the host of Find Your Moose.

Portfolio Management & Delegation with Molly Connolly

Many small business owners struggle with how to delegate. Sometimes it feels like it will take longer to explain a task than it does to do it ourselves, sometimes we’re worried the quality of the work will suffer, or sometimes we just don’t know exactly what we need without digging into the problem. Successful delegation takes work and one of the tools we can use to identify opportunities for successful delegation is a portfolio management tool.

In this session, Molly will walk you through a portfolio management tool she used to manage a busy workgroup that varied from 10-15 employees. Seeing how much work there is too do can be intimidating but can also get you “unstuck” and force you to stop being a bottle neck so your team and your business can thrive.

In this session you will learn:

  1. How to create a snapshot view of your portfolio
  2. How to identify opportunities to delegate
  3. How to follow-through on delegation and increase your bandwidth