Nick Disabato

Nick Disabato is a designer and writer.

Nick’s Bio

Nick Disabato is a designer and writer from Logan Square in Chicago. He runs Draft, a small interaction design consultancy, and wrote Cadence & Slang, a very small book about his field that has been called “mind-blowing” and “staggering” by people far smarter than him. His second book, Draft Evidence, is a mid-career summary of his writing and recent work.

How to Use A/B Testing and Research To Make More Informed Design Decisions

We all know design is important, but are we really capable of measuring its impact? Most design decisions end up speculative until we put them in front of paying customers – and even then, we may not fully understand the effects of our work. How do you design more carefully and deliberately, while ensuring that you’re able to get a solid return on your investment? In this talk, Nick will explain why research and A/B testing are important, how the two practices inform one another, and how to design in a way that reduces risk while creating happier – and more – customers.

In this session you will learn:

  1. Why it’s hard to assess ROI in a traditional design process
  2. Why it’s important to research before you test
  3. How to use research to create new test ideas
  4. Why research is essential to any business
  5. The research techniques you can use in your business
  6. How to interpret research insights
  7. How to launch and analyze a test